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Flood alleviation schemes

The Council’s Capital Land Drainage Programme supports works on land drainage and flood alleviation schemes to improve the overall flood risk from mainly ordinary water courses, which are of such scale that their costs place them outside the normal framework of routine maintenance. 

The Council, as the Land Drainage Authority, is able to benefit from Welsh Government grant support (85%) under Section 59 of the Land Drainage Act 1991. 

A successful bid for such support relies on the Land Drainage Authority being able to present a case, which adequately demonstrates that the benefits out way the cost of the scheme, and secure the additional 15% match funding from either public or private sector. 

The Land Drainage Authority generally acts a facilitator as these schemes can be on public or private land and may have many stakeholders. However, to ensure that significant flood risks are alleviated, the Land Drainage Authority has permissive legal powers under the Land Drainage Act 1991 to enter and carry out essential land drainage works when required.