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Flood risk regulations 2009

The purpose of the Flood Risk Regulations 2009 is to transpose the EC Floods Directive (Directive 2007/60/EC on the assessment and management of flood risk) into domestic law in England and Wales and to implement its provisions.

Under this legislation, all Welsh Unitary Authorities are designated a Local Lead Flood Authority (LLFA) and have formally been allocated a number of key responsibilities with respect to local flood risk management.

In particular it places duties on the Environment Agency and Lead Local Flood Authorities to prepare a number of documents including:

  • preliminary Flood Risk Assessments
  • flood hazard and flood risk maps
  • flood Risk Management Plans

The following table shows the elements of work required from Rhondda Cynon Taff CBC, as the Lead Local Flood Authority under the Flood Risk Regulations 2009, along with the timescales of their respective delivery. The first two elements of work, Stage 1, are covered by the preparation of the Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment Report (PFRA).

Elements of work required under Flood Risk Regulations 2009

Elements of work required under Flood Risk Regulations 2009
Delivery DateItem to be DeliveredComments and Delivered Items
Stage 1

 22nd June 2011


LLFA to Prepare Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment Report.

The PFRA is a high level screening exercise to locate areas in which the risk of surface water and groundwater flooding is significant and warrants further examination through the production of maps and Management plans.

The PFRA should focus on local flood risk surface water, groundwater, ordinary watercourses and canals. 

 22nd June 2011


 LLFA, on the basis of the PFRA, identify

Flood Risk Areas.

Flood Risk Areas are areas of significant risk identified on the basis of the findings of the PFRA, national criteria set by the Welsh Minister and guidance provided by the Environment Agency.

22nd December 2011

PFRA Reports reviewed by Environment Agency and published

 RCTCBC Reviewed and Approved PFRA   View the Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment Report (pdf)

Stage 2

22nd June 2013

LLFA to prepare Flood Hazard Maps and Flood Risk Maps for each Flood Risk Area.

Used to identify the level of hazard and risk of flooding within each Flood Risk Area to inform Flood Risk Management Plans.

22nd December 2013

Maps reviewed by Environment Agency and published


Stage 3

22nd June 2015

LLFA to prepare Flood Risk management Plans for each Flood Risk Area.

Plans setting out risk management objectives and strategies for each Flood Risk Area.

22nd December 2015

Plans reviewed by Natural Resources Wales andpublished

View the  Flood Risk Management Plan (pdf) , the  Flood Risk Management Plan Appendices (pdf) and the  Flood Risk Management Plan (Consultation Report)(pdf)

Stage 4  

22nd December 2017

Addendum for the Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment: Cycle 1 review.

View the Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment - Addendum