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One of the main functions of the Sustainable Drainage Approval Body is to regulate the design and construction of works that have drainage implications.

Occasionally new construction work may take place without Sustainable Drainage Approval being granted or in a way that is not in accordance with SAB approval. In such circumstances, the SAB can utilise its regulatory enforcement powers to rectify the breaches of approval.

Contact Us

If you think a problem exists regarding the non - compliance of SAB approval, we would be grateful if you contact us at 01443 425001. Please provide us with as much detail as possible about the exact nature of your concern. The kind of details we require are:

  • The exact location of the site
  • What has happened on the land and when this started (Development prior to January 7th 2019 are exempt from SAB approval and are therefore exempt to any enforcement available to the SAB)
  • The rough size of the site (Any development under 100 square meters are exempt to SAB approval and are therefore exempt to any enforcement available to the SAB)
  • The names and addresses of any persons involved
  • The exact nature of your concern (e.g. an indication of any harm caused)

Your complaint will be treated as confidential and your name will not be revealed.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

In the event ‘any construction work with drainage implications’ is undertaken without or not in accordance with approval, the developer will be subject to enforcement action under Schedule 3, Paragraph 14 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010.

Through the commencement of the The Sustainable Drainage (Enforcement) (Wales) Order 2018 the SAB is provided a range of enforcement powers which include:

  • Enforcement notice
  • Stop notices
  • Temporary stop notices
  • Powers of entry
  • Powers to undertake and charge for remedial work

Where a developer does not comply with the powers outlined within the legislation; and is successfully prosecuted, the developer is found to be ‘Guilty of an offence’ and is liable to a fine chargeable by the courts, additionally where a developer is found Guilty of an offence the SAB will be able to reclaim costs from the transgressor.