The sustainable drainage Approval Body (SAB) encourages applicants to undertake Pre-Application advice before submitting an application for Sustainable Drainage Approval. This will allow the SAB to identify potential constraints and provide feedback regarding the National Standards. The aim of the pre-application service is to encourage and promote sustainable development for all construction work with drainage implications.

It must be emphasised that the Pre-Application services outlined below do not prejudice determination of any full application received by the SAB.

Service Provision

The SAB offers numerous forms of pre-application services to support applicants. For charges related to each of the services, please see our Schedule of Costs.

Validation Check

This service provides a validation check on an application prior to submission of a full application.

Scoping Report

This service provides a desktop review of the proposed construction area. This service will include a summary report that contains the desktop review and what would be required to constitute as a validly made application.

Detailed Review

This service provides a technical review of the submitted pre-application form and all supporting documents. The outcome of this service is a report summarising the applications compliance with the National Standards.

Enhanced Detailed Review

This service provides an office based meeting in addition to the service provided as part of the detailed review. This service will result in a report summarising the meeting and the applications compliance with the National Standards.

The Applicant should note however, that the more detail provided to the SAB as part of a Pre-Application then the better informed the response will be.

Additional Services

The SAB also offers services in addition to the above detailed services. These include technical advice at an hourly rate and a site meeting. 

Submit Your Application for Pre-Application Advice Online

To make a Sustainable Drainage Pre-Application, you will need to complete the Pre-Application Advice form and send it to the SAB directly via email to

It is important to note that all supporting documents must be submitted together with the application form.

Pre-Application Procedure

Following submission of your application, the SAB will contact you notifying you of your SAB unique reference number and the cost of the requested Pre-Application service.

Please Note: The Pre-Application service will only commence once the SAB receives payment.

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