The free breakfast club initiative is aimed at providing primary school pupils with the opportunity of receiving a free, healthy breakfast at school each day.

Covid19: Breakfast club (September 2020)

Following the receipt of extremely high level of applications for breakfast club provision and an assessment of school hall sizes, it is not going to be possible to safely ensure that children remain within their contact groups when attending breakfast club.  The Council is keen to ensure that the provision of education is not compromised by potentially having large numbers of children needing to self-isolate due to contact groups not being maintained when attending breakfast club provision.  We are planning to re-open provision on 28th September 2020 with a significantly reduced capacity.    Places will be allocated on a ‘first come - first served’ basis based on the submitted applications and unsuccessful applicants will be notified by 5pm on 18th September 2020.  Successful applicants will not be notified as places have been automatically reserved. 

A further application process will be undertaken for the new Spring Term and parents will receive further details at the end of November 2020 of how to reapply on-line.  

Free breakfast in primary schools is an integral part of our wider work to improve food and nutrition in schools and ensure all children are treated equally.

Benefits of a pupil having a good breakfast in the morning:

Increases pupil's concentration and behaviour in school
Offers supervised play and social time in the morning
Prepares pupils for the day ahead
Improves punctuality and attendance
Useful for parents who need to start work early.

Timings of Breakfast Clubs vary from school to school, but typically run from 8.10am to 9am.

All children who attend will receive toast & fruit juice, with supervised playtime, before being taken to class.

We can also provide for allergies and special diets.

For more information please contact the Catering Services Team on 01443 281141.

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