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Free Primary School Breakfast Clubs

The free breakfast club initiative is aimed at providing primary school pupils with the opportunity of receiving a free, healthy breakfast at school each day.

Free breakfast in primary schools is an integral part of our wider work to improve food and nutrition in schools and ensure all children are treated equally.

Benefits of a pupil having a good breakfast in the morning:

  • Increases pupil's concentration and behaviour in school
  • Offers supervised play and social time in the morning
  • Prepares pupils for the day ahead
  • Improves punctuality and attendance
  • Useful for parents who need to start work early.

Timings of Breakfast Clubs vary from school to school, but typically run from 8.10am to 9am.

All children who attend will receive toast or cereals & fruit juice, with supervised playtime, before being taken to class.

Primary School Breakfast Club Menu

We can also provide for allergies and special diets.

For more information please contact the Catering Services Team on 01443 281141.

Your child needs to be registered for Breakfast Club before they attend; please allow time for this to be completed when bringing your child to the club for the first time.

Please contact if you have any queries about the Breakfast Club provision. Thank you for your co-operation