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Evergreens Keep Fit

Evergreens Keep Fit is a fun, friendly and effective exercise class aimed at those aged 50 and over.

With a focus on general cardiac health and muscle strength, the classes are designed to offer a low-impact, all-over body workout.

It gets your heart pumping and your muscles working to ensure you remain in tip top shape - without causing damage to your joints or ligaments. It uses a range of aerobics exercises, as well as exercise balls, step, light weights and low impact circuit training.

Evergreens are extremely popular classes, no doubt down to the friendly, expert instructors, great music and fun, sociable aspect.

What will an evergreens keep fit class do for me?

It will offer you an easy, effective way to maintain your overall health and fitness levels. Great when combined with swimming or Aqua Aerobics, Evergreens is a great way to shape up, tone up and get out!

How long is an evergreens keep fit Class?

Classes last between an hour and two hours, with a range of activities.

How often should i attend what should I wear?

Because this is a low impact class, you can attend as many times as you feel is comfortable, Once a week would be perfect, especially if combined with an aquatics class or activity, Bring comfortable work out gear and trainers and make sure you have a bottle of water and a towel, too.


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You can enjoy as many of our classes as you like, as often as you like, with your Leisure for Life Membership, which also gives you exclusive access to our online booking system, so you can secure a space on your favourite class up to seven days in advance. If you choose to pay as you go, you can book onto a class the morning of the class.


boxercise timetable
Llantwit Fardre Leisure Centre 14:00 - 15:55

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