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Urban Rebounding

Jump to it and enjoy a class with a difference, thanks to Urban Rebounding. This is a great class in which you bounce, twist and jump your way to cardio health and a toned body - with an enthusiastic instructor and pumping music to keep you motivated.

What will an URBAN REBOUNDING class do for me?

Urban Rebound uses small, individual trampolines so, first of all, it's
great fun. Because you are bouncing on raised trampolines, you are immediately benefitting from a low impact exercise that will protect your knees and spine.

Despite this, you are still securing an all-over body workout, burning calories, shredding fat and strengthening your muscles. All that bouncing is bound to make your heart beat faster, too!

How long is an URBAN REBOUNDING class?

Classes last half an hour.

How often should i attend what should I wear?

Enjoy Urban Rebounding at least once a week as a fun and effective element of your exercise routine. You will be bouncing a lot, so comfortable, supportive clothes and footwear are a must. Don't forget a towel and a bottle of water for the end of the class.


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Junior/Concession - £3.50


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boxercise timetable
Hawthorn Leisure Centre 17:15 - 17:45

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