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Start a Sports Club

Are you looking to set up a new sports club? Maybe you are interested in turning your recreational group into something more formal and you aren't sure what comes next.

Here are some top tips but please contact us for direct support from a Community Sport Officer.

5 Key Steps To Setting Up A Sports Club

1. Find out what are already exists

Firstly, you need to consider if the new club is actually needed. This may seem a little ridiculous but you want to make sure that there is going to be membership base for the club. You may find out that there are very few opportunities in the area or there could be a very similar club training just down the road. To make things easier visit our sports club database.

2. Find a suitable venue

Rhondda Cynon Taf has an array of sporting venues from astro turf pitches to leisure centre sports halls and a local community centre or even a facility based on a school site. The main thing to consider is that venue chosen needs to be both suitable for the sport and the age group. Weather conditions will also play a major part in what facility you train in.

3. Find volunteers

Volunteers and coaches play a vital role in community sport. Without the time, energy and commitment of these people many clubs, team sport sessions and coaching sessions would not be able to run. In short, volunteers and coaches make sport happen. Without this dedicated group of people, who are willingly to give their time to enable others to play the sport they love, grassroots sport wouldn’t exist. Finding the right volunteers is not easy. Sport RCT have some tips that can be found here.

4. Let people know

Marketing is an essential ingredient to the success of any club. Ensuring that people know about the club and what types of services they can expect. Good marketing will help attract members. You can start small by making links with community groups to help spread the word or link with your local primary or secondary school.

5. Get in touch

Sport RCT consists of sports specialists that are employed to help grow sport in every community in Rhondda Cynon Taf. Whether it is helping you to develop your initial idea, finding a suitable venue or helping you to access funding to set the club up we are there to support you through the process. Simply contact us to discuss your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can help me set the club up?

Sport RCT's Community Sport and Physical Activity Team have the skills and experience to help you develop your idea. Your local officer can discuss your initial idea and support you through the process.

How can I attract new members?

There are a number of ways in which you can attract new members to the club but consider firstly who your target audience is?  This will help you be specific in the ways you find these members. For example if you want to attract new junior members then you may want to create a link with your local primary school. If you are looking for new adult members you want to advertise in the local leisure centre, GP surgery or even corner shop.

How can I attract volunteers to help at the club?

Read some tips from Sport RCT here

Can I access funding to help me set up the club?

Simply put…YES!

There are grants available to help set up new sports clubs by covering some initial start up costs. You will however need an organisation bank account, you will not be able to apply using personal bank accounts. For information on what grants you can access please visit our grants and funding section.

Where do I go to find out about coach education courses?

We provide a workforce training calendar as part of our Play Your Part programme. National Governing Bodies also hold courses regularly. The best place to get information is on our education and training page.

Do I need to go on a safeguarding children course?

Yes if you are working with any children and young people under the age of 18 years. See our education and training page for more information.