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Mary Seacole - An Extraordinary Life


 A Welsh Coal Mining Experience: Rhondda Heritage Park in partnership with The Drama Hut, have an exciting event for all you children during October Half Term.

Why not celebrate Black History Month by learning about the extraordinary life of Mary Seacole?

During a time when black people faced great injustices, she became one of Britain’s great adventurers, a nurse and businesswoman.

What better way to celebrate Black History Month than looking at the life of Mary Seacole.

We will travel back in time to the 1850s with Mary Seacole, to both remember and explore her life and work. Listen to her story and experience life as a nurse during the Crimean War.

During this workshop you will:

  • Explore the Victorian era and Mary’s place within it
  • Through improvisation, travel to Crimea and Mary’s Hotel for the wounded
  • With the use of role play, become a soldier or nurse working during the Crimean War
  • Perform a poem about Mary’s life with song, action, sound and movement
  • Create a timeline to place Mary Seacole firmly within a historical time frame

The workshops are suitable for children aged 5-11 and will be delivered online via Zoom.

A ticket must be ordered for all children taking part, if you all live in the same house then you can use one device for the session. There is a maximum of 30 children per session.

Free session run at 10am, 11:30am, 1pm and 2:30pm on 23rd October – each session lasts 1hr

Book online for free below:

Mary Seacole 10am

Mary Seacole 11:30am

Mary Seacole 1pm

Mary Seacole 2:30pm

Risk assessments are available upon request.

This event is provided in thanks to funding from the Federation or Museums and Art Galleries of Wales and The Culture and Sport Division, Welsh Government.

You can find out more about The Drama Hut here: