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Festive recycling tips

In the run up to Christmas

  • Get the kids involved in the household recycling routine while they’re on Christmas holidays. It’s a great educational activity!
  • Why not rent or buy a real Christmas Tree in a pot this year instead of buying one with its roots cut off that has to be disposed when it dies? Your tree can then be planted in your garden. Once back in the ground, your tree will then absorb 1 tonne of carbon, that’s around 10% of your annual carbon footprint.
  • When you go to do your big Christmas shop, take any unwanted plastic carrier bags back to the store so they can be recycled.
  • To save on cash, time and waste this year, try sending free Christmas e-cards instead of buying real ones. 
  • Look out for gifts with packaging that can be reused.  Gift bags can be reused again and again.  And presents which come in tins or plastics containers can be used over and over again for storage at home.

 Over the festive period

  • It’s inevitable that you will have more food waste over the Christmas period – Don't forget to recycle it! If you're taking part already, you can order a free kitchen caddy here -
  • A whole range of jars, tins, bottles, wrappers, plastics, cardboards and lots more can all be recycled: just give them a rinse in your leftover washing up water and recycle them using the FREE recycling bags provided visit Please remember to place all wrapping paper, gift tags and bags in to separate clear recycling bag. 
  • If you’re having visitors to stay this Christmas, let them know where your recycling bins are and what goes in them.
  • Remember there are lots of unexpected Christmas items you can recycle or even reuse like sweet tins and mincemeat jars.  

 When the festivities are over

  • With a mass of new gifts being given and received this Christmas, there are bound to be clear outs of old furniture, clothing, tired models of equipment and other items that have been replaced by the new gifts you have received – why not take them to one of the Community Recycling Centres where they can be recycled or reused. Or you could donate your unwanted items to your favourite charity shop. Please check first that they accept electrical items before taking them there, make sure they work and include remote controls so they have a resale value.  Any electrical items that don’t work can be taken to your nearest Community Recycling Centres.
  • Don’t forget that you can recycle your Christmas cards, wrapping paper and gift tags when you take them down on twelfth night. Just put them in to a separate clear recycling bags and leave them out for collection. Alternatively, you could give some of your Christmas cards a new lease of life by cutting up some of the more attractive cards to make gift tags for next Christmas.
  • Don’t forget to recycle your 'real' Christmas tree - more details here