It is estimated that 20% of household recycling is contaminated due to residents not recycling appropriately, this means the recycling bag contains materials that can't be recycled or it contains recyclable items have been soiled by food or other contaminates and will now need to be thrown out with your black bag waste.

To ensure we recycle as much as we possibly can the Council is becoming stricter on residents and asking them to manage their waste and recycling responsibly.

Did you know 70% of your wheelie bin is recyclable?

Find out what can and cannot be put in your bins


If collection staff see a recycling bag that contains material that can't be recycled, they will not collect it! Instead, they will place an it's contaminated sticker on the bag.

You will need to re-sort the bag, removing the contaminating items and place it out for collection the following week, or take it to your nearest Recycling Bank (SORT Centre) and dispose of the items there.

Recycling bags must not be used as a black bag in a wheelie bin. This may result in the wheelie bin being removed.

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