You will have two food caddies:

  • a small caddy (kitchen caddy) to keep in your kitchen – line your kitchen caddy with the small food waste bags provided by the Council. Once full this should be emptied into the food waste bin (large caddy).
  • a large caddy (food waste bin) to store outside – the food waste bin should be lined with the larger food waste bags provided by the Council to help keep it clean. The bin is lockable to prevent it being opened by animals.

Use your kitchen caddy to collect your food waste in the kitchen and simply empty its contents into the food waste bin, which is typically stored outside ready for collection.

Your food waste will be collected on your weekly recycling and waste collection day.

You can request a food waste bin or caddy online.

What goes in your food waste caddy?

What goes in your food waste caddy
Fruit Any plastics
Vegetables Metal
Meat Glass
Fish Foil
Cooked and undercooked food Polystyrene
Leftover food Bread loaf bag
Takeaway food Potato bag
Out of date food Polystyrene meat trays
Bread Tins
Pasta Other household waste
Tea bags  
Coffee grounds  
Dairy Products  
Dog and cat food  
Kitchen towels (clean or used for wiping food - not bleach or detergent)  
Contaminated paper from food wrappings  
Cardboard from food wrappings  
Cut flowers (small amounts)  

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