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Animal movement licence

Following the outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease in 2001 the Disease Control (Interim Measures) (Wales) Order 2003 was established to control the movement of stock and therefore prevent a repeat of the outbreak. 

General Movement Licence application forms are available for:

  • cattle
  • sheep and Goats
  • pigs
  • deer

The latest animal movement rules are effective from 31st March 2005.

Follow the external links for guidance on the above subjects. 

Animal Movement Documents

Movements of sheep, goats and pigs must be accompanied by a movement document (AML1 and AML2) on completion of the journey the white copy must be sent to the Local Authority of destination within 3 days.

The movement document can be obtained from your local authority by using the contact details below or by e-mailing:

Horse Passports

In order to comply with the Horse Passports (Wales) Regulations 2004, all owners or keepers of horses including ponies, donkeys and other equidae must apply for a full passport by the 28th February 2005.

Passports must be obtained from a recognised Passport-Issuing Authority (PIO).

Frequently asked questions and answers and any further information regarding the above can be obtained following the link below

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Fax: 01443 425301
SMS: 07781 489133
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