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Contract Information and Data


The Council maintains a Contracts Register ​​​​​​​which provides a list of all the current contracts and frameworks.

This list of contracts is aimed to provide transparency and an indication of when existing contracts may be up for renewal. This also informs current and prospective suppliers and contractors with an idea of the variety of goods, services and works that the Council buys.​

The information against each contract includes:​ 

  • Contract Title – Provides a brief description of what the contract involves.
  • Main Contractor - a list of the successful vendors for each contract or framework. The council encourages suppliers, in particular Small Medium or Micro Enterprises and Third Sector organisations to contact successful vendors in order to find out about potential subcontracting / second or third tier opportunities that they may have.
  • Expiration Date - the date the contract or framework comes to end
  • Reference – A specific and unique number issued to each contract.

This list demonstrates the Council's current contracts and frameworks. This does not provide a like-for-like guarantee that the same goods, services or works will be tendered again upon contract expiry.

Forward Planning

A key requirement of the new Procurement Bill will be for Public Sector Bodies to publish their contracting pipeline. The purpose is to inform the market and aid transparency. 

All contracts with an estimated value more than £2m must be included in the Councils Forward Planning Pipeline. The Procurement Unit will publish details of these contracts on Sell2Wales.


Contact Us

Please get in touch if you have any contracting queries using the details below:


Tel: 01443 281182