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Community and Town Council Elections 2017


Number of seats: 4

Beddau results
CandidatePolitical PartyVotesResult
BARTON Julie Ann Welsh Labour 489 Elected
NICHOLAS Veronica Ann Welsh Labour 434 Elected
POWELL Nicholas Independent 424  
TRASK Samuel Matthew Donald Welsh Conservative 451 Elected
WILLIAMS Kerrie Michael Welsh Labour 481 Elected


Number of seats: 5

Cefnyrhendy results
CandidatePolitical PartyVotesResult
ASHFORD Martin Douglas Welsh Labour 515 Elected
GRIFFITHS Margaet Marian Welsh Labour 680 Elected
HOLLEY Neil Welsh Labour 521 Elected
JONES Kate Elizabeth Welsh Conservative Party 762 Elected
THEAKER Alison Elizabeth Welsh Labour 538 Elected
WILLIAMS Christopher Lloyd Welsh Labour 498  

Church Village

Number of seats: 4

Church Village results
CandidatePolitical PartyVotesResult
BELLIN Ioan Rhys Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales 533  
BOUNDFORD David Andrew   527  
GREENSTOCK Craig Elwyn Independent 553  
HADLEY David Welsh Labour 630 Elected
RAINES Anthony Welsh Labour 560 Elected
STACEY Graham Welsh Labour 804 Elected
WATTS Alan Welsh Labour 704 Elected

Efail Isaf

Number of seats: 1

Efail Isaf results
CandidatePolitical PartyVotesResult
BISHOP Jonathan Edward Efail Isaf Resident for 37 Years 26  
HURDLEY Rachel Akanisis Welsh Labour 107  
JAMES Joel Stephen Welsh Conservative Party Candidate 288 Elected
JONES Juliet Denise Independent 65  
REES Gwion Eirian Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales 8  

Garden Village

Number of seats: 3

Garden Village results
CandidatePolitical PartyVotesResult
FRANCIS Gerald Leslie Welsh Liberal Democrats 122  
LEWIS Josephine Welsh Labour 307 Elected
WARREN Allun Welsh Labour 303 Elected
WHITTER Melvyn   246 Elected


Number of seats: 

Groesfaen results
CandidatePolitical PartyVotesResult
THOMAS Susan Patricia Welsh Labour 68  
WILLIS Carole Ann Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales 149 Elected


Number of seats: 2

Hendreforgan results
CandidatePolitical PartyVotesResult
PRICE Elizabeth Jane Welsh Labour 120 Elected
PRICE Richard Philip Welsh Labour 111 Elected
WILKINSON Emyr Welsh Conservative Party Candidate 23  


Number of seats: 8

Llanharry results
CandidatePolitical PartyVotesResult
BEACH Paul   405 Elected
BEACH Paula Jane   350 Elected
CLARIDGE Ian Keith   407 Elected
CLARIDGE Peggy   470 Elected
DILWORTH Julie Elizabeth Evelyn   271  
EVANS Nyree Dawn Independent 465 Elected
JOHNS Derrick Horace   219  
LEWIS-WATKIN Robert Welsh Labour 214  
PARSONS Helen Susan Independent 569 Elected
PITTARD Nigel   130  
PYNE Tamara Jayne   231  
ROWLAND Fay   292  
RYAN Graham   196  
SNOOK David Victor   439 Elected
STEPHENS Barbara Joyce   310  
STEPHENS Barry   429 Elected
THOMAS Michael Howell   320  

Llantrisant Town

Number of seats: 4

Llantrisant Town results
CandidatePolitical PartyVotesResult
BISHOP Jonathan Edward Llantrisant Freeman Baptised At Parish Church 367  
CRUTCHER Antony James Welsh Labour 630 Elected
FARR Brian Welsh Labour 693 Elected
MATHESON Allan Welsh Labour 665 Elected
MILLS Louisa May Independent 674 Elected
ROBINSON Adam Joseph Leo Welsh Conservative Party Candidate 619  

Llantwit Fardre

Number of seats: 

Llantwit Fardre results
CandidatePolitical PartyVotesResult
BRISTO Septimus Michael Welsh Conservative Party Candidate 475 Elected
BUNNAGE Jacqueline Mary Welsh Labour 447  
CHANNON Bernard Peter Welsh Labour 372  
CHANNON Beverley Welsh Labour 347  
DIAMOND Michael Kenneth Welsh Conservative Party Candidate 872 Elected
JAMES Brian Welsh Conservative Party Candidate 734 Elected
KNIGHT Nicola Louise Welsh liberal Democrats 216  
OWEN Steven Thomas Plaid Cymru - the Party of Wales 315  
TIZARD-LEE Nicholas Welsh Conservative Party Candidate 535 Elected
WATKINS Lloyd John Welsh Labour 327  


Number of seats: 4

Maesyfelin results
CandidatePolitical PartyVotesResult
GRIFFITHS Michael Paul Welsh Labour 501 Elected
JACKSON Patricia Anne Welsh Labour 398 Elected
JACKSON Gwynfor Welsh Labour 341 Elected
LANE Karan Elizabeth Independent 410 Elected
SKELLY Steven Welsh Labour 330  

Pontypridd Town

Number of seats: 2

Pontypridd Town results
CandidatePolitical PartyVotesResult
CARTER Stephen Laurence Welsh Labour 452 Elected
FYCHAN Heledd Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales 603 Elected
LAVINGTON Cheryl Angela Welsh Conservative Party Candidate 203  
MARTIN Richard Lindsay Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales 259  
PAYNE David Richard Welsh Liberal Democrats 204  
TOMKINSON Andrew Roy Welsh Labour 216  


Number of seats: 4

Rhondda results
CandidatePolitical PartyVotesResult
DUGGAN Steve Alan Welsh Liberal Democrats 586  Elected
JOHN Brian Welsh Labour 556  
PRITCHARD Simon Adrian Welsh Labour 587 Elected
WATTS Brian Aneurin Welsh Labour 595 Elected
WILLIAMS Alyson May Welsh Labour 601 Elected

Talbot Green

Number of seats: 3

Talbot Green results
CandidatePolitical PartyVotesResult
BACCARA Paul Ronald Joseph Independent 483 Elected
DAVIES David Everard Independent 345  
MOSS Arlene Independent 454 Elected
POWELL Stephen Mark Welsh Labour 457 Elected
THOMAS Paul Wlesh Conservative Party Candidate 257  


Number of seats: 1

Thomastown results
CandidatePolitical PartyVotesResult
BROOKMAN Jeffrey Robert Welsh Labour 153  
WEBB Karan Independent 258  Elected


Number of seats: 3

Ton-Teg results
CandidatePolitical PartyVotesResult
BELL Elise Eleanor May Welsh Liberal Democrats 264  
BUSHNELL Mark   440  
BUTLER Raymond Welsh Labour 465  Elected
DAVID William John Welsh Labour 409  
HALLETT Anthony James Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales 316  
HUTCHINSON  Dorothy Jean Welsh Labour 410  
JOHNSON Clive Philip Independent 817 Elected
WALKER Lyndon Graham Independent 1178 Elected


Number of seats: 3

Trallwng results
CandidatePolitical PartyVotesResult
BEVAN Allen William Welsh Labour 454 Elected
DAVIES Lynda Mary Welsh Labour 445 Elected
HULL Cheryl Hamilla Mary Welsh Labour 311  
JONES Amanda Jane Welsh Liberal Democrats 421  
MORGAN Rhys Thomas Welsh Liberal Democrats 388  
POWELL Michael John Welsh Liberal Democrats 711 Elected


Number of seats: 

Treforest result
CandidatePolitical PartyVotesResult
BISHOP Jonathan Edwards Former Treforest Resident, Student and Councillor 109  
POWDERSHILL Stephen George Welsh Labour 414 Elected
WHITE Daniel Aiden Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales 158  
WOODARD Keri Rose Welsh Labour 237 Elected


Number of seats: 2

Tylcha results
CandidatePolitical PartyVotesResult
GREHAN David Daniel   269 Elected
KIFF Steven William Independent 219  
ROBERTS Deidre Welsh Labour 260 Elected


Number of seats: 2

Tynybryn results
CandidatePolitical PartyVotesResult
DAVIES-JONES Alexandra Mary Welsh Labour 465 Elected
MILLER Rachel Joy Welsh Labour 274  
POWELL Gregory Morgan Independent 291 Elected