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Air Quality Progress Report 2020

Due to the importance of certain air pollutants, Regulations have set Air Quality Objectives that the Council should be mindful of and where appropriate work towards achieving. As such the monitoring of air quality in Rhondda Cynon Taf has been undertaken since the 1990’s and each year the Council publishes a report on local air quality.  These reports provide information on the statutory process, up to date local monitoring data and the analysis of local air quality.  Most recently the Council has published the 2020 Progress Report. 

The Council has commenced a public consultation into the analysis and recommendations of the 2020 Progress Report. If you wish to make comment on this you must submit any comments in writing or by email to the address below: - 

Air Quality
Pollution and Public Health
Public Health and Protection
Ty Elai
Dinas Isaf East
CF40 1NY


The public consultation will close on the 1st January2021, any comments received after this date may not be considered by the Council when considering the 2020 Progress Report and its recommendations.  All comments may become a matter of public record and unless otherwise requested the name and designation of the person making the comments may be published along with the comments.