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Dropped kerb - Make an application

What is a dropped kerb?

A dropped kerb is where the outer kerbstones on the pavement are lowered towards the road level to allow a vehicle to be driven across the pavement and parked on a driveway. Dropped kerbs are sometimes called vehicular crossings or crossovers.

Why do I need a dropped kerb?

If you wish to drive a vehicle across the footway to park it on a driveway then you must have a dropped kerb constructed, as it is illegal to drive over the footway without one.

How do I apply for permission?

You can apply for a dropped kerb using our online form. As well as information about the location, this application requires:

  • a photo/sketch of the proposed dropped kerb area
  • a payment of £138 admin fee
Dropped kerb application form
The online application form is quick and easy to use.

Please note: The £138  admin fee is non-refundable, even if application is denied.

What happens next?

Upon receipt of your application it will be considered by one of our inspectors, who will approve or reject the application on principle.

Please note: If application is approved, it is only valid for 12 months from the date of approval.

If approved, further forms (VC2-5) are sent out to you asking for more detail, including information on the builder/contractors you wish to use and their insurance/indemnity policies. These forms also ask for information on when you intend to start work and can be taken as consent for work to proceed.

Please note, these forms need to be completed and returned at least seven days before work begins.

Upon completion of the work, you need to complete a VC5 which confirms work has been completed.

Upon receipt of this form, an inspector will visit the site to ensure the work has been carried out to the specifications.

As long as the work meets the specifications, you will receive confirmation that the dropped kerb is now in place and will be maintained by the local authority.

If the work does not meet specifications, further improvement work will be required until specifications are met.


Payment can be made via credit/debit card as part of your online application.

If you are unable to pay online, please contact the council on 01443 425001 or email to request a paper application to be mailed to you.

Payment can then be made via cheque/postal order or alternatively with cash or a credit/debit card at one of the following One-4-All Centres without an appointment.

  • Aberdare
  • Pontypridd
  • Porth

Cheques/postal orders can also be sent to the return address on the application form.

Will the council do the work for me?

All cases are dealt with on an individual basis and if you are considering installing a dropped kerb and want to explore the possibility of the Council doing the work for you, at a cost to yourself, please contact us.

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