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Highways investment

The Highways Investment Programme is a series of vital works which need to be carried out following the damage caused by three consecutive severe winters.

This work demonstrates our ongoing commitment to maintain and improve the road infrastructure for the benefit of residents and visitors alike. Having an effective transport infrastructure also supports the ongoing regeneration of the county borough and attracts further investment.

£5.289 million has been allocated for 2015/16 to tackle the problem caused by the severe weather that the County Borough has faced in recent years. This is on top of the £29 million that was invested since 2011, resulting in the biggest investment in the road network in over a decade

The targeted works are likely to cause some minor disruptions to those in their immediate vicinity. The Council would like to urge residents to continue to support us whilst these essential works are carried out as it is for their longer term benefit.

The Council will be contacting residents that will be affected in each of the areas due to be repaired via letter drops, when your area is targeted please ensure you do all you can to assist the Council in improving your roads. Think about where your car is parked or when you are receiving deliveries and whether your actions could impact on the works that are being carried out. Failure to move your car when requested to do so could result in the vehicle being removed in your absence by the police and or deliveries being returned to sender.

So far hundreds of roads, streets and structures have undergone either major road resurfacing, or road strengthening in the Rhondda, Cynon and Taf areas.

In addition to the re-surfacing and strengthening works, the Council is sending out dedicated teams to all areas of the County Borough to repair pot holes as this is as much of, if not more of a priority for the Council as it is for its residents and the Council aims to address the problem as quickly as possible. 

Tens of thousands of pot holes have also been patched across the County Borough.

As the scheme ploughs ahead the Council is urging residents to continue to support the scheme by taking heed of the temporary traffic signs e.g. no road markings, reduced speed limits and diversions whilst these essential works are carried out as it is for their safety and longer term benefit.

The speed limits are in place to ensure the wellbeing of all road users and residents are reminded to exhibit caution whilst travelling on recently treated and or dressed roads.

For further information please call 01443 425001