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Pothole - Report a problem

We take reports of potholes very seriously. The site will be inspected by an appropriately trained highway officer as soon as possible.

If the pothole is deemed an emergency, please contact us on our emergency telephone number 01443 425001 (Out of office hours 01443 425011).

If however, you wish to inform us of a pothole for our repair programme please fill in the online form below.

You can report a pothole for our attention online.
When reporting a pothole please provide as much information as possible with regards to its severity and location.

How quickly do we repair a pothole?

A pothole's risk to the public is judged on various criteria such as the size and depth of the hole, the location in relation to the use of the road, the speed and amount of traffic that use that road etc. If the pothole is deemed to be dangerous it will be treated as an emergency.

Based on the above criteria, potholes are allocated as either Urgent or Non-urgent cases.

  • Urgent cases: These will be repaired or made safe by the end of the next working day following their discovery. However, a pothole that is deemed to be particularly serious and could result in a traffic accident or injury to someone is treated as an emergency and we aim to repair or make safe this type of pothole within two hours.
  • Non-urgent cases: These will be repaired within 28 days of their discovery.

Please note: Where responsibility for repair / rectification rests with external bodies or individuals details of the defect will be passed to the external body or individual (if known) immediately.

When would we close a road?

Normally we would advertise in advance any plans to close a road for repair, but in times of emergency such as subsidence, land slip, damage to a cattle grid etc we may need to close a road immediately.

In these circumstances we will make sure that we adequately sign the alternative route and undertake the repairs as soon as possible.

If the road is closed for a major incident such as a landslide or severe subsidence we will inform the local media and provide them with regular updates on the progress of the works. Information on this type of road closure will also be advertised on the news pages here on the council web site.

If the report is deemed an emergency e.g danger to life or limb, please contact us on our emergency out of hours telephone number 01443 425011.