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Planning Applications - Support, Object or Comment

Planning applications are publicised in a number of ways to ensure that the decision making process is as open and transparent as possible.

Notification letters are sent to properties immediately adjacent to an application site, site and press notices may also be used for certain types of applications. A weekly list of Planning Applications Received is also produced and circulated.

Anyone may comment on a planning application or development - either to object, support, or give a general comment. Comments must be in writing and will be acknowledged. Anonymous comments cannot be taken into account. All comments will be available for public inspection and may be referred to in reports to the Development Control Committee. 

Before submitting your comment you should try to view the application form and any accompanying plans. These can be inspected online, or at the One4All Centre, Llys Cadwyn, Pontypridd. Call 01443 425004 or e-mail: to make an appointment.

All aspects of a planning proposal are considered not only to protect the interests of neighbours, but to ensure that the general standard of amenity in the wider community is protected. If appropriate it may be possible to have plans amended before a decision to grant, or to impose certain conditions to minimise any problems the development may cause.

Your views are not looked upon as a vote for or against the scheme, but they are extremely useful in focusing attention on aspects of the proposals that may be considered unsatisfactory in themselves or potentially a cause for concern.

To ensure all comments are taken into account, no decision will be made until after the end of the 21 day consultation period, which is shown on our notification letter, site or press notice (if appropriate), or on the website.

Planning permission can only be refused if there are good, sound, planning reasons for doing so.

Try to consider the following general aspects of the proposals (not all will apply in every case).

  • If the application is for a change of use, do you think that the proposed use is a suitable one for the area?
  • What are your views on the general appearance, scale, height and design of the development?
  • Do you think that the development will affect you in any way by loss of daylight, overshadowing, loss of privacy etc?
  • Do you think that the development will cause you any nuisance or disturbance, for example, from noise of traffic coming and going?
  • Do you think that the development will adversely affect you in any way?
  • Do you think that the development will have any adverse impact on the area as a whole?

The most usual objections raised which cannot be taken into account are matters such as:

  • the effect the development may have on property values
  • disputes about the exact boundary between properties
  • loss of a view
  • potential loss of trade from a new business
  • private legal matters such as restrictive covenants

You should also be advised that certain developments can be carried out without planning permission and no matter how strong or valid an objection may be, the Council generally has no practical means of preventing such development.  For further info see Do I need planning permission? on the Planning Portal website.

Object, Support or Comment online

Using our online service you may register to comment online. It only takes a couple of minutes and will also allow you to track applications and save searches.

  • Register
  • Log in to your account
  • Click "Search > Planning > Simple search" and find the application you wish to comment on
  • On the right side of the page click "Make a public comment"
  • Enter your comments
  • Click "Submit"

Object, Support or Comment by email or post

Please email : 

or write to:

Planning Services, RCT CBC, Floor 2, 2 Llys Cadwyn, Pontypridd, CF37 4TH

Please ensure that you include:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Planning application reference number

REMEMBER: Any comment received will be made available for public inspection, may be referred to in reports to the Development Control Committees and may be displayed online. This is a legal requirement, and accordingly no comments received can be considered on a “confidential” basis. 

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