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Community Sport and Recreation


The Sport RCT Community Sport and Recreation Programme aims to provide a range of opportunities for all ages and abilities across Rhondda Cynon Taf. The programme has been developed in partnership with a range of partners including National Governing Bodies, community groups, sports clubs, leisure centres and other community providers to enable us to offer a wide range of sport and recreation opportunities additional all the traditional sport club offers. Some sessions are directly delivered by us, others are delivered by partners that we support. We aim to not only promote the opportunities available but also work with you to ensure all sessions are sustainable and enjoyable for those taking part!

Looking to start a new session or need support with an existing session?

Sign up to our Community Sport and Recreation Programme!

Sign up and complete our community support form to receive the following support: 

  • Help promote your sessions via our website, app and social media platforms
  • Help with promotional materials flyers and posters as well as video promotion
  • Help grow your numbers/participants
  • Help with any workforce needs
  • Help with any equipment needs
  • Help/Guidance with facilities
  • Help with any other session issues you may be facing


Email to sign up!