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Sport RCT Club Accreditation

What is the Sport RCT Club Accreditation?

Our Club Accreditation Scheme allows us to not only support clubs and organisations to become stronger and offer more opportunities but also helps communities to identify which clubs offer the best environment and experiences to take part in sport and physical activity across Rhondda Cynon Taf. We work with accredited clubs to ensure they operate to a set of agreed minimum standards and provide a safe and enjoyable environment for its members.

For a list of accredited sports clubs, click here

Criteria to become a 2024 Sport RCT Accredited Club

In order to become an Accredited Club you will need to meet the following criteria. In areas you are unsure or missing documentation our community sport officers can support you with guidance and templates. Contact us on if you have any questions.

  • Club Constitution - this governing document is important to outline how your club is run including it’s structure, purpose and membership. Click here for more information.
  • Club Structure and Committee - a strong committee is important to running your club effectively. Share out the key roles and recruit a committed and diverse committee to ensure one or two individuals are not burdened with all the responsibilities. Click here for more information.
  • Club Bank Account - it’s important you open and operate with a club account not a club members personal bank account. This will affect your eligibility for funding and grants as well as make it more difficult for your treasurer controlling your finances. Click here for more information. 
  • Safeguarding Policy and Child protection Officer - this is important to safeguard your club and its coaches/ workforce as well as the welfare of any children, young people or vulnerable adults participating at your club. Safeguarding courses available through your NGB. Click here for more information. 
  • NGB affiliation and Appropriate Insurance - this is required for each sport’s national governing body to ensure your club can train and compete as well as following their specific requirements and guidelines. Contact your NGB for guidance.
  • Qualified Coaches and Instructors - your NGB will provide a range of qualifications to ensure your coaches can deliver safe and quality sessions to your members ranging from ‘leaders’ to more advanced level 3 courses! These qualifications cover your volunteers and ensure club is operating in line with NGB guidelines. Contact your NGB for guidance. 
  • Coaches/instructors are First Aid qualified and DBS Checked - again ensuring all your coaches are first aid qualified will ensure your members and volunteers are safe at sessions. Any coaches working with children, young people or vulnerable adults should complete a DBS check as part of your clubs safeguarding policy/process. Contact your NGB for guidance. 

In areas you are unsure or missing documentation our officers can support you.

Why sign up?

As well as being recognised as a Sport RCT Accredited club you will receive support and guidance from our officers, including:

  • Support to increase club membership
  • Support with grants and funding
  • Support with club development and governance
  • Support with volunteers: recruitment and coach education
  • Support to develop school-club links
  • Support with marketing materials and promotion on social media (including access to prize draws and the opportunity to have projects celebrated via case studies)

For more information and useful documents click here

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