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Duty of Care Commercial and Domestic


Failure to comply with the duty of care is an offence with no upper limit on the courts’ power to fine. In some instances a fixed penalty notice may be issued for failure to comply with the duty of care in place of prosecution. The Code is admissible as evidence in legal proceedings for Section 34(1) offences and its rules must be taken into account where relevant to questions raised in the case.

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If you pay someone to take away your household rubbish or unwanted items, then to meet your Household Waste Duty of Care you must do the following:

1) Check that the person or company taking your rubbish is a registered waste carrier. You can check online by visiting

2) Always ask where your waste is going

If you don’t make these checks then you could receive a £300 fine. You can also be prosecuted, with fines of up to £5,000.

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