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Visit Rhondda Cynon Taf, South Wales - Croeso

Myths, Legends, Heroes and Stories


Nudism and cremation

Dr. William Price scandalised the people of Llantrisant by going for long walks completely naked.

Ribbon Housing

The houses which have acted to define the Rhondda defy both the law of gravity and the rules of perspective.

Sleeping Knights and Buried Treasure

At Craig y Ddinas, the great rock in the far western corner of Rhondda Cynon Taf, a great treasure lies hidden underground, guarded by a company of knights who have slept in the treasure chamber for many centuries.

The fastest runner on Earth

In the mountain-top churchyard of Llanwynno lies the grave of legendary runner Guto Nyth BrĂ¢n.

The Grave of a King

On the windy summit of Mynydd Maendy south of Tonyrefail, is a burial chamber reputed to be the grave of the chieftain later known as King Arthur.

The Lady of the Lake

Llyn-y-forwyn, the "Maiden's Lake" in Ferndale, is the home of the enchantress Nelferch, who married a mortal man.

The Rocking Stones

The Rocking Stone or "Y Maen Chwyf" in Welsh is a glacial boulder remaining from the Ice Age.

Taffs Well Grey Lady

Myths and Legends, Taffs Well, Grey Lady