What is a Temporary Exclusion Notice?

A Temporary Exclusion Notice exempts a HMO property from the licence requirements for 3 months from the date of service.

The Local Authority can serve a second Temporary Exemption Notice running from the expiry date of the first Notice.  The second Notice must also be applied for online. The Authority has to consider that there are exceptional circumstances that justify a second Notice.

When should I apply for a temporary exclusion to my HMO Licence?

You can apply for a temporary exemption from HMO licensing if you decide to:

  • Reduce the number of occupiers to below licensing requirements
  • Remove all tenants to return to a single household
  • Sell the property with vacant possession

Who should apply for a Temporary Exclusion Notice?

Only the current licence holder can apply for a Temporary Exclusion Notice.

What will I need before I apply for a Temporary Exclusion Notice?

Before you apply for a Temporary Exclusion Notice (TEN) please gather the following evidence:

  • Both the owner and the manager need to agree to the TEN. A signed letter is required if the applicant is not acting as both owner and manager
  • Supporting documents will be required in order to prove that the eviction procedure has begun and/or copies of sale documents etc

There is no fee for applying for a Temporary Exclusion Notice.

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