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Performing Animal

Performing Animal Registration

If you intend to keep or train animals for public performance, (e.g. circus or films), the animal needs to be registered with us under the Performing Animals (Regulation) Act 1925. The legislation is designed to cover the use of animals in stage performances, at circuses, as part of exhibitions etc. The premises and accommodation for animals must satisfy basic standards for the health, welfare and safety of the animals that you intend to keep. We will arrange a veterinary surgeon's inspection to ensure that the accommodation is suitable.

Eligibility criteria

There are no restrictions on the eligibility of persons to apply for this registration.

Regulation summary

Performing Animals Act 1925.

What are the Conditions of the Registration?

The Performing Animals (Regulation) Act 1925 requires any person who exhibits or trains any performing (vertebrate) animal to be registered with a local authority. The term "exhibit" is defined as "exhibit at any entertainment to which the public are admitted, whether on payment of money or otherwise…"and to "train" means "for the purpose of any such exhibition".

This provision, applies to circuses and also to other situations, such as film making and plays, which involve animal performances. A person who exhibits or trains a performing animal must be registered; e.g. circuses, cabarets, film.

A copy of the registration conditions can be obtained on request. However in summary, before a registration is granted, the applicant must be able to demonstrate that:

the performing animals are obtained from a reputable source to minimise the risk of disease;

the appropriate measures will be taken to protect the animals in case of fire or other emergency including the provision of suitable fire fighting equipment;

that the register contains the types of animal to be used in performances, both to be trained and exhibited;

that health and safety checks are carried out for both the animals and staff.

When is this registration required?

Anyone wishing to either train or exhibit a performing animal. – e.g. animals in plays.

Is a fee associated with this registration ?

The cost associated with this registration is based upon the time spent by an officer from the council, together with any veterinary practitioner costs, in the consideration of the application. An invoice for consideration of your application will therefore be issued at the end of the process.

What information or evidence will I need to provide?

Any information required to progress your application will be requested by the relevant application form itself including heating arrangements, details of the animal, details of how the animal will perform and for what duration. However, dependent on the findings of the inspection by officers of the Council or other authorised person such as a veterinary surgeon, further information or clarification may be requested prior to granting a licence or registration.

Are there inspections or assessments?

Prior to granting a registration, an officer will arrange for an inspection to establish if the requisite standards are being met.

How can I apply?

You can apply by any of the following means:

Please complete the application form for Performing Animals Licence, download the application form at the bottom of this page. You can send us a completed and signed application form by bringing it to us at the office address below.

How long will my application take to process?

Due to inspections by officers of the Council and possibly by others such as veterinary surgeon, we say that applications can take up to 28 days to process, i.e. from receipt of the application to grant of licence or registration.

We will confirm for all electronic applications via email that we have received your application. Please contact us if you have any queries about the process us.

Can I start trading before receiving my registration (i.e. will tacit consent apply)?

You cannot start trading until your application is processed by the Council and you have received a licence. It is in the public interest that we must process your application before it can be granted. If you have not heard from us within 28 days, please contact us.

Changes to Registration

Once you have registered you need to notify us of any change and in some circumstances this may result in a new registration application being required.

Further details

Please contact us at

Licensing Team
Ty Elai,
Dinas Isaf East
CF40 1NY
Tel: 01443 425001
Fax: 01443 425301
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