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The aim of the Streetworks Section is the efficient co-ordination of Works on the Highway, both internal and by Statutory Undertakers.

The NRASWA  ACT 1991, supported by relevant Regulations and Codes of Practise provide a legislative framework covering all excavations in the highway.  The Regulation requires Street Authorities to "use their best endeavours to co-ordinate the excavation of works of all kinds (including works for road purposes and the carrying out of relevant activities) in streets for which their are responsible":

(a)  In the Interests of Safety

(b)  To minimise the inconvenience to persons using the street (having regard, in particular, to the needs of the disabled).

(c)  To protect the structure of the street and the integrity of apparatus in it.

The importance of co-operation and regular communication is essential to a smooth running section.  Should you have any issues with Statutory Undertakers on the Highway, such as the duration of the works or condition of the highway after Statutory Undertakers works have been completed, please contact Customer Services on 07385 389533 who will log a call to be passed to the Streetworks Team or email

Section 50 (Private Licence)

A Street Authority may grant a Street Works Licence.  This allows a person without a Statutory Right to place, retain & remove apparatus in the street to carry out works necessary for that purpose.  The licensee must give a minimum of 3 weeks notice prior to the proposed start date.  It is at the Authority's discretion whether or not an early start for the work is given.

The application requires the following information:

  • (a)  Map
  • (b)  Qualifications of Operative & Supervisor etc
  • (c)  Cheque

If you wish to request a Section 50 Private Licence Application Pack in English or Welsh, then please contact the Streetworks Section on 07385 389533 or via

Please note: No works are to be undertaken until approval has been granted by RCT.

Emergency Section 50 (Private Licence)

A licence for emergency work requires a phone call to the Street Works Section  on 01443 494886/425001 along with the application form retrospectively.  Access the Emergency Section 50 Application Form. Please note:  An emergency is where there is an immediate risk of damage to people or property.