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Equal Opportunities

The Nominated Supplier shall operate an equal opportunities policy and warrants that this policy shall comply with all relevant obligations

If any Court or tribunal or the Commission for Racial equality should make any finding of unlawful discrimination against the Nominated Supplier, then the Nominated Supplier shall take all necessary steps to prevent reoccurrence of such unlawful discrimination

The council may require the Nominated Supplier to provide full details of the steps taken to prevent such reoccurrence as aforesaid.

The Nominated Supplier’s equal opportunities policy shall be set out in any instructions circulated to those members of the Nominated Supplier’s employees concerned with recruitment training and promotion and in relevant documentation available to its employees and others and in its recruitment advertisements and other relevant literature and the Nominated Supplier may be required to provide the Council with copies of such instructions documents advertisements and other literature.      

The Nominated Supplier shall comply with the provisions of the Equalities Act 2010.