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Selling to the Council


The aim of any procurement process is to help us identify the most suitable supplier to undertake the requirements of a contract, whether it’s for services, goods or works. 

The process must be run in accordance with the Councils own Contract Procedure Rules (CPRs) and for over threshold contracts (Table 1), the Public Contract Regulations 2015 (PCRs). These regulations stipulate the way in which contracts must be tendered. The current financial thresholds are listed as follows:

PCR Thresholds effective from 1st January 2024:

ex vat

inc vat

Supplies and Services






Social & Other Specific Services (LTR)




For contracts with an estimated value less than the thresholds listed in Table 1, then the Council must follow its Contract Procedure Rules. A summary of our requirements is provided in Table 2:

Estimated Contract Value

Below £15,000

£15,000 - £75,000

£75,000 to EU Thresholds (Supplies, Social and other Specific Services)

£75,000 to EU Thresholds (Works)

Above EU Thresholds

Due regard for ensuring value for money is achieved (2 quotations recommended).

3 tenders invited (minimum).

4 tenders invited (minimum).

3 tenders invited (between £75k and £150k).

4 written tenders (between £150k and EU threshold).

Seek advice from Head of Procurement Delivery before commencing any tender process.

Tender must be published in the OJEU.

We aim to help potential suppliers and contractors understand how the Council currently buys goods, services and works and help them to increase their chances of finding out about opportunities and bidding for work.

 The Council publishes contract opportunities via two systems:

  • Sell2Wales is the National Procurement website for Wales; this includes all widely advertised contract opportunities valued both below and above the EU thresholds. Sell2Wales has a direct link to the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) where contracts above the EU thresholds must be published.
  • eTenderWales is the Council's e-tendering portal. Contract opportunities are advertised to registered suppliers / contractors.

The Council encourages suppliers to register on eTenderWales and Sell2Wales. Both are free of charge and allow suppliers to receive automated tender notifications by email, view opportunities, update and maintain their profile, receive instructions on how to access and respond to tender documents and view details of awarded contracts.

Don’t forget to register your details directly with us too. You can sign up to our Local Business Directory by clicking here.

Here are some tips on how to be successful:

  • Sign-up to alerts on Sell2wales.
  • Register your details with us using our Local Business Directory.
  • Be on time - return the quotation or tender to the right place at the right time
  • Read the specification - make sure that the goods or service you are offering meets the specification
  • Seek clarification – if you are unsure of either the process or any matters contained within the specification, then contact us
  • Identify aspects of added value - give thought to what you can do or provide which adds value to the offer
  • Provide the information requested - give us the information in the format requested
  • Submit complete information - the information requested will be used to consider your tender application. It's important that all information is provided, and the document has been completed fully.

Additional Support:

Sell 2 Wales

Sell2Wales is an information source and procurement portal set up by the Welsh Government. You can access help & resources, alongside registering to the new ‘Sign on Cymru’ portal, allowing you access to all digital services provided by Business Wales. By signing up to Sell2Wales / Sign on Cymru you’ll get access to email alerts about new business opportunities, view current opportunities and access to various support tools that are available.

If you’d like to register to Sell2Wales/Sign on Cymru, then click here.

  • If you are registering as a New Supplier there is a registration user guide to help you through the process.  
  • If you are registering as an Existing Supplier, follow this user guide to register.

 To get email alerts for relevant contracting opportunities, follow this Supplier User Guide.

Tel: 0800 222 9004

Business Wales

Business Wales provide help and support to businesses within Wales. You can access expert advice and workshops to help you with all stages of your business, from starting up to looking at how to be more sustainable. Specialist advisors can provide bespoke advice to help you with the tendering process and finding new tendering opportunities.

If you feel that you may benefit from Business Wales support, you can contact them here.

Tel: 0300 060 3000

Development bank of Wales

Development Bank of Wales fund businesses that they think will benefit Wales and its people. They finance responsible businesses - those with a strong social, ethical and environmental standards, as well as real commercial promise. 

 Tel: 0800 587 4140


Contact Us

Please get in touch if you have any contracting queries using the details below:


Tel: 01443 281182