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Right to rectify incorrect information

What is my right?  

If you believe that the Council is processing incorrect information about you, you can request that it is corrected without undue delay. Similarly, if your information is incomplete you have the right to ask for it to be completed.

How do I ask the Council to correct my information?  

The easiest way to get your information corrected is to contact the service to which the information relates. Most inaccuracies can be corrected relatively quickly via a simple phone call or email.

Click here to find out how to contact the Council. 

If your request is more complex or you would like to make a more formal request for rectification you should do this by contacting the Information Management Team:

 Email icon                                                                                            

What information do I need to provide when making the request? 

We will need the following information in order to identify you:

  • Full name (including any previous names)
  • Address (previous address if you have recently moved or the record that requires correction relates to a different address)
  • Date of birth

 We will need the following information in order to identify the information that you wish to be corrected: 

 Council service and/or department to which the information relates.

  • Any relevant reference numbers
  • Names of any officers you’ve had dealings with
  • An copy or description of the information that is inaccurate
  • Details of what the correction should be. 

 Will the Council acknowledge my request?  

If you make a formal request to the Information Management Team it will be formally acknowledged within 5 working days. We will also advise you of the date by which the Council will respond to your request.

How long does the Council have to comply with my request?

The Council must respond to your request without undue delay and no later than one month from the receipt of your request. Where the request is complex or numerous this may be extended by two months. If we need to apply a time extension we will inform you as soon as possible and explain to you why it is necessary.

Will the Council restrict the processing of my personal information whilst it considers my request?  

Yes. In accordance with your right to restriction the Council will stop processing the information until the accuracy of the information has been verified.

If the Council has shared incorrect information about me with another organisation does the Council have to tell that organisation about the inaccuracy?

If the Council has shared inaccurate information about you with another organisation or third party, where appropriate the Council will contact any recipients of the information to inform them of the inaccuracy and to ask them to correct their records.

 Can the Council refuse to correct my information?  

There may be occasions where it is not possible to comply with your request to correct your personal information for example, where the correction relates to the opinion of a professional (e.g. a social worker).  If the Council is unable to correct your information we will provide you with an explanation as to why we can’t do this.

 Where we believe that our records are correct or we are unable to comply with your request for correction, will place a copy of your request on the relevant record to show that you have made a request and the reasons why you are disputing the accuracy of the information. 

What if I’m unhappy with the Council’s decision not to correct my information? 

If you are dissatisfied with the Council’s decision and the explanation you have been given as to why we are unable to correct your information, you have the right to lodge a complaint or seek further advice. View further information here