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Parenting Support Privacy Notice

How we use your personal information for Parenting Support Team purposes

The Council provides services for local communities and the people who live in them.  Undertaking this work means that we must collect and use information about the people we provide services to and keep a record of those services. Because we collect and use personal information about individuals we must make sure that they know what we intend to do with their information and who it may be shared with. 

We have summarised in this privacy notice some of the key ways in which we use your personal information for Parenting Support purposes. This information should be read in conjunction with the Council’s corporate privacy notice

1. Who we are, what we do.

The Parenting team provide families with support and advice on day to day and specific parenting issues which can be done by taking part in parenting programmes, drop in sessions and 1-1 home support.  

Groups are run over 8-12 weeks and are available for all age ranges. During these sessions, specific topics linked to your child’s development will be discussed and explored. 

Drop in sessions are provided for parents to attend one off workshops covering a range of parenting topics. 

1-1 home support is provided to parents who are unable to attend a programme or need that little bit of extra support before attending a programme.

2. What and whose personal information we hold?

We hold information about the parents and children we support. The types of information we hold and process will typically include:

 Children’s Information 

  • Names
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Health
  • School
  • Gender 

Parents Information 

  • Names
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Health
  • Finances
  • Parent relationship status
  • Gender
  • Ethnic Origin
  • Employment

3. Where does the service get my information from?

All the information we have relating to you and your child(ren) comes from the referral form you would have completed with the Resilient Families team.  You may also provide us with more information if we need to carry out a further assessment.

We also receive information from your child’s Health Visitor.

4. What will we do with your personal information?

We use the information to put into action the family plan you would have completed with the Resilient Families Team.

If you require ay additional support, then we may have to refer you to another organisation.  We will pass your information onto them so they continue to provide you with the support you need.

5. What is the legal basis for the use of this information?

Data Protection law says that we are only allowed to use and share personal information where we have proper and lawful reasons for doing so.

The Council has a Legal duty to provide parenting support in line with Flying Start legislation and the Social Services & Wellbeing Act 2014.

6. Does the service share my personal information with any other organisation?

Yes, depending on the service you receive from us we will share your information with the following, for example; 

Internal Council departments (for ongoing support)

Resilient Families

Social Workers 

Your child(rens) school (to gather information and provide support for your child)

The teaching staff 

Other Government agencies (to gather information, provide support and when necessary if there are any safeguarding concerns)



Third sector agencies, such as family charities (where they will be providing you with ongoing support), such as;

Valleys Kids

Challenging Behaviour Support group

7. How long will my information be kept?

Your information will be kept in line with legislation and for no longer than necessary for the purpose of which it was collected. 

8. Your information, your rights

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives you important rights, including the right to access the personal information the services hold about you. 

Click here for further information on your information rights and how to exercise them.

9. Contact us

If you have any concerns or would like to know more about how the service using your personal information please contact us in one of the following ways: 

By email : 

By telephone : 01443 281437 

In writing : Ty Trevethick