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Proud Councils

The purpose of this voluntary collaboration between local authorities in South Wales is to promote and improve the support offered to *LGBTQIA+ staff and ensure that local government across Wales is a visible leader in the field of LGBTQIA+ rights and actively championing LGBTQIA+ inclusion in our communities. Proud Councils was established in 2015.

Proud council established

We support many LGBTQIA+ events throughout the year, including Pride Cymru, by marching proudly with Cabinet Members, Leaders, Mayors and staff representatives from each partnered Council.

Proud Councils also host and attend events, working collaboratively on Coffee Mornings, training and webinars, and awareness raising articles are regularly shared with staff across local authorities to create an inclusive workplace.

If you would like to follow Proud Council’s activity on social media, they can be found on Threads and Instagram.

*Lesbian / Gay / Bisexual / Transgender / Queer or Questioning / Intersex / Asexual / ‘+’ stands for all the other identities not encompassed in the short acronym.