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Update Statement on the 2020 Nos Galan Races


We have received a number of requests seeking clarification if the Nos GalanRoad Races will go ahead this New Year’s Eve due to the Covid-19pandemic. Whilst we are still 5 months away from New Year’s Eve, planningfor the Nos Galan Road Races would normally be in its final stages at thistime, with registration opening in early September, just 5 weeks away.

The Nos Galan Committee will be meeting remotely in the next few weeksto review the latest position and it’s likely that a final decision if the eventwill take place or be cancelled, will be made by mid-September based onthe Public Health advice we receive. However we must make clear theHealth and Well Being of residents and visitors has to be the priorityand there is a high probability the event will not go ahead this year.We appreciate, just like the Committee, many will be disappointed if theevent is cancelled, but we have to ensure any final decision is in the bestinterests to protect the health of residents and visitors.

Councillor Andrew MorganLeader of the Council

Councillor Ann CrimmingsChair of the Nos Galan Committee