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About Climate Change

The weather is what happens day-to-day. It’s what we can see from our window when we decide if we need a coat or not.

The climate is the pattern of weather in a region and across the world over five, ten, or more years.

Global warming is the warming of the planet we live on.

Climate change happens when the planet warms or cools.

Carbon neutral means achieving a balance or equilibrium between the greenhouse gases put into the atmosphere and those taken out.

We are living through a period of rapid warming. Which leads to rapid changes in our climate, causing extreme weather events such as floods across the County Borough in 2020 and the extreme heat of summer 2022. It’s widely recognised by scientists and governments that climate change is being triggered by higher levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The name 'greenhouse' derives from the effect the gases create by warming the Earth’s surface and the air above it. This is caused by gases that trap energy from the sun. The most common greenhouse gases are water vapour, carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane.

Greenhouse Gases 1 (English)

Increasing the number of gases we produce makes the Earth warmer – like putting on more clothes on or adding in an extra blanket onto our beds. Burning fossil fuels add extra greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. 

Greenhouse Gases 2 (English)

Together we can make a big difference in reducing the carbon we create. By looking at what and where we spend, how we travel, the energy we use, the and we get rid of our rubbish we can all play our part. Have a look at our helpful links for more information on how to be greener and save more.

We don't have to be perfect when it comes to helping the planet. If we all changed one small thing today, tomorrow or this year, it could make a big difference for the planet and in our pocket.