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YGG Tonyrefail


YGG Tonyrefail will move from the Victorian buildings on School Street into the site of the current Tonyrefail Primary School on Martin Crescent, by the end of 2018. 

The Council has appointed First Grade Furniture to carry out the extensive refurbishment works which will include redecoration throughout, upgraded classroom facilities, community rooms and extensive external repair works. This will allow for 21st Century Education to be delivered through the medium of Welsh at YGG Tonyrefail’s new school site.

First Grade Furniture are currently redecorating and remodelling parts of the school building. The Council’s Highways department is also working to improve drainage on site and create a new minibus drop-off area in the car park. Newsletters will be provided to inform residents of the progress on site.

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Progress images – November 2018

YGG Tonyrefail - November 2018-12
YGG Tonyrefail - November 2018-15
YGG Tonyrefail - November 2018-16
YGG Tonyrefail - November 2018-18
YGG Tonyrefail - November 2018-22
YGG Tonyrefail - November 2018-8