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Wellbeing with CARI

CARI is an important element of self-care and can provide individuals with individual feedback, interventions and access to support.

The foundation of our wellbeing starts with ourselves as we each have a personal responsibility to do so. Self-care is vital in maintaining our wellbeing and can be built on with further internal and external support as required. - Our aim is for CARI to help play a pivotal role in this stage, where you can be able to take accountability and control of your own mental health and wellbeing.

Give it a go and try Cari for yourself by clicking here!

If you work in a school please use this link:

What is Cari?

Cari is an RCT tool that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to accurately measure your individual levels of well-being through a quick and simple online consultation 

Cari is FULLY CONFIDENTIAL, no individual results from your consultation get reported back to your manager or RCT

Cari generates a comprehensive, individual well-being report after you’ve completed your consultation.

This is broken down into different areas of performance and areas where you may be struggling

  • Support
  • Coping
  • Relationships
  • Role
  • Happiness / Health

Cari then suggests internal and external well-being interventions that are tailored to your individual needs.

You can log in to Cari as many times as you like to access further support and information.

As Cari is fully confidential and we want to give staff the confidence to complete their consultation Cari will provide well being data back to the organisation and service area, but if less than 20 people complete a consultation then no data is provided. This data will be used to inform staff well being support interventions.

To set up your account all you’ll be asked for is your Name, Email Address and Team that you work for. 

Cari really works!!! She has a 92% accuracy-give it a try!

YouTube – Take a look at this video to see how CARI works!

Support - How to access Cari?

We want Cari to be as accessible as possible for all staff. To learn more about how you can access Cari at work, speak to your Line Manager, Digital Champion or Union Representative.

You can also access Cari by popping in to your local RCT Library!
Ask a friendly member of the Library staff to assist you in setting up your Cari consultation.
You'll be shown how to..

  • Create a Cari account
  • Start your Cari consultation.
  • Access your wellbeing report.

If you are using Cari at home and you require further technical support, then please contact the Wellbeing Helpline on 01443 424 100 or email