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Our chartered specialist physiotherapy team form part of multidisciplinary team within occupational health, who collectively promote staff wellbeing, deliver high quality fitness for work assessment and guide ongoing management in reference to staff physical wellbeing.  Our physiotherapists are trained to undertake comprehensive musculoskeletal assessments to inform your fitness for work and to guide therapeutic pathways for presenting musculoskeletal aliments. The physiotherapist will endeavour to support staff wellbeing with skilled specialist interventions such as exercise prescription, lifestyle adaptations, manual therapy, acupuncture, cortisone injections and in some cases, aid diagnosis through diagnostic ultrasound scans. Signposting back to NHS medical services is also an arm of management with all care options agreed through a shared-decision making process between client and therapist.

What can I expect from my physiotherapy appointment?

Your initial appointment with the physiotherapist may be via telephone or face to face.

During this appointment, the physiotherapist will ask a series of questions, with the aim of assessing any musculoskeletal concerns and needs, as well as your ability to work. The physiotherapist may then recommend interventions, additional appointments if required and/ or signpost you to further medical care and support.

Referral for Physiotherapy

Staff can access physiotherapy by requesting a referral from their manager.

Staff can also self-refer for physiotherapy to access support and intervention for their physical health and wellbeing. The self-referral route is FULLY CONFIDENTIAL, and no information goes back to the manager or to HR.

To access the self-referral for Physiotherapy please click this link

Please also click here for a how-to booklet on using the self-referral process for physiotherapy

Please do not hesitate to contact the physiotherapy team or the Occupational health department for more information.