Supporting People Services can help you to live as independently as possible. This does not just mean having somewhere to live but being able to live there safely and happily. They can help you to develop the necessary skills and confidence to make this happen.

How does it work?

We can provide housing related support in one of two ways

  • Within schemes such as supported housing; hostels or refuges or
  • Within your own home

Support is provided on a short term basis and is normally dependent on your needs and can include help with the following:

  • You feel unsafe where you live?
  • You are struggling to pay your bills and buy food and you need help to budget? You have debts?
  • You are having problems managing your tenancy / home?
  • You are struggling to pay your rent / mortgage?
  • You have had a legal notice / court date to attend about your home?
  • This your first home / or are you about to have a new tenancy and would need help with this?
  • You have lost your home previously because you could not manage?
  • You need help to develop practical living skills to be able to manage on your own in your home? ie: Cooking, shopping, washing, cleaning etc
  • You feel isolated and you need help to build links with your community / rebuild family relationships?
  • Do you need help to link to other agencies? Drug/alcohol Services / Education / training /
    employment Services, Health Services / Mental Health Services, Social Care Services
  • You need help to move to somewhere more suitable to live?

How to apply:

For further information please view Home Finder RCT

Or contact:

The Supporting People Team
Tel: 01443 425005

If you have support from another worker like a social worker, probation officer, they can complete the referral form with you.

If you are going to complete the referral form on behalf of someone else please discuss the referral with them and ensure that they are happy to receive support.

Help us improve - don't include personal or financial information, e.g. your National Insurance number or credit card details.