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Supporting people in your community

Do you need support to help you live independently in your community?


Supporting People Services can help you to live as independently as possible.
This does not just mean having somewhere to live but being able to live there safely and happily. They can help you to develop the necessary skills and confidence to make this happen.


We can provide housing related support in one of two ways:

  • Within schemes such as supported housing; hostels or refuges or
  • within your own home

Support is provided on a short term basis and is normally dependent on your needs.

New Housing Support Service


What is Housing Support?

Our Housing Support Service is a free service offering person centred support based on individual circumstances. We carry out an assessment of your needs and provide housing related support that can help you resolve a crisis and or improve your skills and confidence to help you take control of your life and make decisions about your future. The service can work with you in your own home and support you to access the wider community

Why do we need a new service?

A review of housing support services in Rhondda Cynon Taff identified a mis-match between service demand and supply. Based on the council’s commissioning arrangements with seven providers this created spaces on some schemes and a waiting list for other clients in need of a support service. There was also confusion for some people on the provider who would provide their support and the timescale to receive a service.

In order to meet high service demand and reduce confusion, a new locality based housing support service offers one gateway into support services in a particular area delivered by one provider simplifying access to housing support in Rhondda Cynon Taff.

The new service providers delivering this service are:


What can the Housing Support Service help you with?

  • Help you with managing your money including debts, paying bills and housing costs such as rent arrears.
  • Help with moving in and setting in a new home for example sorting out your gas and electricity supplier.
  •  Assist you with reporting repairs, sorting out rent and other tenancy issues.
  •  Support you to make your home warm, safe and comfortable and energy efficient.
  • Help you to arrange appointments for example with health services to prevent health problems and to help you to lead a healthy active life.
  • Help you to fill out forms and write important letters.
  • Refer you to other services that you may need so you can be as independent as possible.
  • Help you to find out information on local services that might be able to meet your needs and interest.
  • Support you to engage with leisure, skills and employment opportunities.
  • Prompt and support you to develop or maintain independent living skills.
  • Help you to access information, advice, support and guidance to ensure that you have the information and support you need to make important decisions.

Who can receive a Housing Support Service?

If you are aged 16+ and living in Rhondda Cynon Taf you can make a self referral or be referred by family member or friend, Social Worker, Careers Officer or other agencies working with you. 

You can be living in any type of accommodation in the borough including: 

  1. Private rented
  2. Shared housing
  3. Housing association tenant
  4. Home owner

What the Housing Support Service cannot do:

  • Manage your finances for you
  • Pay your bills for you
  • Give you personal care or help with washing and dressing(We will help you apply for home care services)
  • Do housework, cooking or carry out repairs for you(We will help you to report repairs or apply for home care services)
  • Go with you on outings or events
  • Settle disputes between you and other people
  • Give counselling

How do I apply for housing support?

You can receive further information on the new housing support service or apply to receive support by contacting the Supporting People Team.

The Supporting People Team

Sardis House


CF37 1 DU

Tel: 01443 281482