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Values and Vision - RCT Childrens Services

RCT’s values, vision and practical guidance have been developed collaboratively with practitioners to ensure they capture our aspirations and the RCT way.

Childrens Services Values and Vision Wheel


Vision Statement

In RCT we want to ensure all children and young people have the best start in life and can learn and grow safely. In Children’s Services, we recognise sometimes children and families need additional support to achieve this. Establishing relationships based on our values, we work alongside children and families, building on strengths to enable positive change, whilst always prioritising our role in keeping children safe.

Values Statements

  • Family: We promote children’s right to a family life. We will always work to the ethos ‘family first’ and will think widely about what family might mean to a child.
  • Support: We support families to get the right help at the right time, we step up support, step down support but don’t step away too soon.
  • Respect: We respect people’s unique individuality, their circumstances and choices, and involve young people and their families in our work and decisions about their lives and circumstances.
  • Compassion When seeking to help we take a trauma-informed approach, prioritising empathy and building positive relationships when working with children and families.
  • Family Strengths and Safeguarding: We work with families to identify outcomes they want to achieve, building on strengths, and clearly identifying and working to reduce risks. 
  • Stability: We promote stability for looked after young people and know that they will need specialist help during their journey.
  • Pride We take pride in the achievements of the people we support, and the work we do with them.
  • Improve: We are curious about how effective our work is, we understand the impact and are always ready to improve and innovate.