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Latest Staff Update 09/04/20

Thank you all for your contribution over the past few weeks. It has been very difficult for us all, with the virus starting to spread quickly across our communities and adversely affecting family and friends.

Despite the adversity, the action taken by staff in: providing a wide range of social care responsibilities in people’s homes, in residential and other forms of supported accommodation; providing essential services such as refuse collection; housing the homeless; providing childcare to critical workers and free school meals to vulnerable children; providing food and medicines to vulnerable in our communities; and organising and paying over £30m of grants to local businesses; has been exceptional.

As the political and officer leadership team, we are very proud of your response to this global emergency, with many of you undertaking different roles to that which you were originally employed into, and we thank you for your outstanding commitment.  

Yesterday evening, Welsh Government announced that the “lockdown” measures will continue for the foreseeable future. This is probably not a surprise when we see the daily pictures from Italy, Spain and France. However, we recognise that the past few weeks may have been difficult for you and your families, and we are keen to ensure you remain in good health and your well-being is also taken care of. We would like to remind you of the Well-Being Helpline we have made available to staff who may be feeling worried, anxious and isolated and who would welcome the opportunity for some support to improve their well-being. 

Please continue to ensure you, your family and friends comply with the social distancing requirements and stay safe. If we continue to do so, hopefully, the NHS can support all those that need their care, and some of the measures imposed on us will be relaxed.

Please stay safe and well.

Best wishes

Cllr Andrew Morgan                     Chris Bradshaw

Leader of the Council                   Chief Executive