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Housing Delivery Plan - General Information

BUILDING ON FIRM FOUNDATIONS: a new Housing Delivery Plan for Rhondda Cynon Taf

The Council has recently launched a new Housing Delivery Plan called 'Building on Firm Foundations' for the period 2013 to 2018, which as stated in the title intends to build on the successes that have been achieved over the past 5 years under the previous Local Housing Strategy ' Housing Matters'. 

This shows that housing still matters to the Council and its partners and recognises that although many improvements have been undertaken in housing and housing related services, many challenges still lie ahead. 

It has been 5 years since the Council transferred its housing stock and over this time partnerships with a range of organisations both locally and regionally have been created and strengthened with a strong focus on collaborative working to develop services that embrace the whole housing market.

This new Delivery Plan is a partnership document between the Council and local Housing Associations and it is set firmly within the context of 'Delivering Change: a Single Integrated Plan for Rhondda Cynon Taf'. and provides a broad approach to housing in the borough.  It is underpinned with an Operational Plan that will be updated annually to meet current service requirements and market conditions. Progress against this Plan will be monitored quarterly.

The Housing Strategy & Standards Team are the strategic lead for delivery of the plan and are responsible for a range of thematic areas of housing, as follows:

Affordable Housing

The Council adopted its Affordable Housing Delivery Statement in June 2009. However, this has now been superseded by the Local Development Plan and is no longer applicable. More information on affordable housing is available on this page. 

Local Housing Market Assessment

Local Housing Market Assessments (LHMAs) are conducted biennially by the Council's Affordable Housing Officer to assess the housing needs of the locality. For the most recent Assessment, see this page.

Low Cost Home Ownership

The Council has operated the  Homestep Scheme since 2006 to help people who are in a financially stable position yet still unable to purchase a home outright without assistance. Applicants may be able to purchase a brand new home as part of a private development and receive a discount (usually 70-75%) of the open market value of the property.

To view properties currently available to purchase through Homestep, please visit the dedicated Housing Solutions Website.

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