Kate - Systemic Family Therapist, Therapeutic Families Team

How long have you been in your job and what did you do before?

I have been a qualified Systemic Psychotherapist for three years, I have been employed in this role since I qualified and got the job straight from University.

I worked with families for 11 years prior to this, and primarily worked for third sector organisations around parenting and family relationships.

What does your job involve and what is a typical day like?

I spend my day talking to people, either about their work or their family relationships. I consult with Social Workers about their work with families, but most of my work is directly with couples and families, working to their own agenda discussing relationships and how to make changes.

What’s the best thing/s about your job?

I love speaking with people, gaining understanding of different perspectives and helping to make a difference.

What attracted you to apply for a job with RCT Council?

I was looking for a role where I would get to provide therapy and use my training. I was lucky enough that this post came up at just the right time.

What positives have you experienced in your career with RCT Council?

I am privileged to work within a highly skilled team and to have an extremely supportive manager. I am supported to continue my learning as a therapist and to consult with other therapists in order to help me to fulfil my role to the best of my ability.

What is the best thing about working for RCT Council?

The freedom to practice therapy with those who couldn’t afford to pay for it.

What would you say to someone thinking of applying for a job in social care at RCT Council?

I have found RCT Council to be supportive of my needs and open to innovative ways of working.