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Abandoned vehicle - Report a problem

We will remove any vehicle within Rhondda Cynon Taf if we believe that it has been abandoned “without lawful authority”.  We not only deal with vehicles left on a highway, but also vehicles left on “any land in the open air”.
You can report an abandoned vehicle online

If the vehicle is deemed an emergency, please contact us on our emergency telephone number 01443 425001 (Out of office hours 01443 425011).

Vehicles in a poor condition

If we believe that a vehicle is in such a poor condition that it should be destroyed we have to place a legal notice on the vehicle before we can remove it.  This notice advises any owner that if the vehicle is not removed from its current location within 24 hours we will remove it and it will be scrapped.  In this situation we are under no obligation to try to find an owner for the vehicle.

Vehicles in a reasonable condition

If a vehicle is in a reasonable condition we have to take certain steps to try to find an owner.  If an owner can be found this person must be given a reasonable amount of time to respond to a notice served on them.  If a vehicle is not taxed we always contact DVLA and advise them of this.

Vehicles in inaccessible locations

If vehicles are abandoned in dangerous or inaccessible locations we can decide that it is too dangerous or expensive to remove them.  However, we now work in partnership with the Army to tackle this problem. The Army recover vehicles from difficult locations as a training exercise for their tank recovery section.

Vehicles that are taxed

If a vehicle is taxed it cannot be destroyed until the tax has expired.

Powers of the Police to deal with vehicles

The Police also have powers to move and remove vehicles or to require an owner or person in control of a vehicle to move it.  These powers extend to vehicles that have broken down, have been left or have been abandoned ‘without lawful authority’. 

Vehicles not abandoned but causing a nuisance

Vehicles that are not abandoned but are creating a problem should be reported to the police.

Vehicles causing an obstruction

Vehicles that are blocking access or obstructing the highway should be reported to the police.

How can I surrender an unwanted vehicle?

If you contact us we will arrange to collect a vehicle you no longer want.  However, we will ask you to prove that you are the legal owner of the vehicle or have the owner’s permission to dispose of the vehicle.

Please note there will be a charge for this service.

What should I do if I find a notice on my vehicle?

Although we frequently post notices on vehicles not all notices come from us. The Police also post notices on vehicles, particularly if a vehicle is on a highway and is not taxed.

If you believe that we have placed a notice on your vehicle you can contact us.

Please note

  • If we place a 24 hour notice on a vehicle we will remove it after 24 hours if there is no response from its owner or keeper.
  • If a vehicle has been left on land and we serve a notice on the occupier of that land, a response must be made in writing. In this case the occupier has 15 days to respond.  If there is no written response to our notice we will enter the land and remove the vehicle

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