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Damaged or dangerous wall - Report a problem

Rhondda Cynon Taf has many miles of identified retaining walls whose purpose is to support the highway network. There are also many miles of retaining walls to which the ownership is unclear and, in these cases, each wall needs to be checked individually.

Responsibility for the retaining walls depends on who built it and for what purpose. Unless modern records are available to indicate definite responsibility, it is necessary to determine ownership. However, following an inspection, if the condition of the wall is deemed to be dangerous irrespective of who may own it, the area will be immediately cordoned off to protect the highway user. Thorough investigations will be subsequently undertaken to determine ownership.

How do I report a damaged or dangerous wall?

To report a problem with a wall, please contact us using the details below. When contacting us, please can you provide as much of the following information as possible. This will allow us to quickly identify the problem and will help speed up any repairs that are needed:

  • the name of the street or area.
  • the location on the street, i.e.; is it near a house number or road junction?
  • a description and detail of the fault.
  • your name and a contact number.
  • the date and approximate time you first noticed the fault
If the issue you are reporting could cause immediate danger to life or limb, please contact us on our emergency telephone number 01443 425011.
Tel: 01443 425001
Fax: 01443 494888