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Road adoption

Road adoption is a term used to describe the council taking ownership of a private street.

A private street is a road, which is not maintained at public expense. This means that the council, as a highway authority, is under no obligation to carry out repairs or cleansing to the street, even though it could be a public right of way to which highway and traffic law can be applied.

New roads that have been designed and constructed in accordance with the Council's guidelines are normally adopted by way of an agreement between the developer and the Council in accordance with the Highways Act 1980. Existing roads will not normally be adopted unless they are brought up to an adoptable standard by the owners of the road or the frontagers.

Private streets for example could be unpaved, without kerbs, footways, surface water sewers, gullies and lighting or any of these features, and its surface is probably in a bad condition.

Under the provisions of Sections 205 to 218 of the Highways Act 1980, the Council may resolve to raise the standard of a private street to an adoptable standard. This procedure enables the Council, on completion of the necessary remedial works, to adopt the street as a highway maintainable at public expense and apportion the costs of the works incurred to the frontagers accordingly.

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