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Street Parties - Guidance

If you are planning to celebrate the King's Coronation with a street party, you must get permission from the Council to ensure that you can legally and safely close the street to traffic.

Road closures take time to organise, and any closure required for a street party must follow a formal application process, so the Council is aware of each one – in order to inform other partner organisations, including bus companies.

Anyone wishing to hold a street party must apply to the Council before the deadline Monday 3rd April, 2023. Applications submitted after this date will not be accepted. Successful applicants will be notified as soon as possible after the deadline date

Suitable streets for a street party are quiet residential streets, and these will be considered sympathetically.  Streets that may not be suitable are busy main roads, or those which have a bus route - applications for these types of streets will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

If you are thinking about having a street party, please ensure that all residents who may require vehicular access to the street affected by the street being closed to traffic support the application. 

If you require any further information, please email the Traffic Management Section:
If your street is not suitable for a closure, you may wish to consider using off street venues such as driveways, gardens, parks, Community Centres or schools, which will avoid potential conflict with other highway users.  Also, if the party is held at a location where there are alternative indoor facilities then it will not be affected by any bad weather should it prevail at the time.

Street Parties - General Guidance

Where the Authority has granted approval for a street party the following general conditions will apply in addition to any specific conditions imposed in relation to a particular street: -

  1. PEDESTRIAN access to the street must be maintained at all times.
  2. IMMEDIATE access for all “Emergency Services Vehicles” must be maintained at all times, i.e., any physical barriers placed across a street must be constructed of such materials, and in such a manner as to render them immediately removable.
  3. DECORATIONS or bunting across a street should be suspended in such a manner that no obstruction to an “Emergency Service Vehicle” could result and must be immediately removable.
  4. NO stakes or poles shall be driven into the road or paving surfaces as damage to services could result.
  5. NO attachments shall be suspended from street lighting standards.  Decorations near streetlights should be easily detachable.
  6. NO electric cables shall be used on or over the highway.
  7. A copy of the ‘NOTICE’ of the temporary closure will be forwarded to you in due course and must be displayed in a prominent position at each end of the section of road to be closed for the duration of the closure.  
  8. SIGNS must be placed at each end of the street showing clearly to all drivers the duration of the closure e.g., “Road Closed 11.00am to 7.00pm”.  These can be home-made but must be clearly legible.
  9. FIRES and barbecues are not permitted within highway limits, which includes all carriageways, footways, verges, central reservations and roundabouts.
  10. ALL tables, trestles, chairs, barriers, decorations, etc. are to be removed immediately after the event, and all litter and debris cleared from the street.
  11. ORGANISERS shall give due consideration to all residents and provide for the safety and comfort of the elderly, infirm and very young children.
  12. ORGANISERS shall indemnify the County Borough Council against any accident or injury arising as a result of the event.
  13. VEHICULAR access to private driveways, garages and off-street parking areas must be maintained at all times unless otherwise agreed with the individuals affected by the closure.
  14. ORGANISERS must ensure access is maintained for any residents requiring visits for care purposes including attendance from care workers.
  15. RESIDENTS should keep within the waste collection rules in terms of not overfilling their bin and not contaminating their recycling.
  16. If your refuse collection day falls on the same day as your street party, all waste will therefore need to be presented by 7am at the very latest. Every effort will be made to carry out collections as early as possible however, if this is not possible, residents will need to place waste at a single point for collection.
  17. Applications can only be accepted from applicants who reside in the street that is to be closed. Applications will not be accepted from residents who live outside of the street in question.