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Weekly list of Planning Applications - View the list

Applications and decisions form part of the public register and the Council publishes this information as listed below. The register includes names and addresses as provided on the application forms.

We publicise applications in the following ways:

  • All applications and decisions since 1948 are listed in the Planning Register which can be seen at Sardis House. You can also search the register and view planning application documents online;
  • A Weekly List of applications (sent to all Councillors, libraries, available for personal subscription, and on our website);
  • Letters are sent to immediate/adjoining neighbours notifying them of the application and 21 days are allowed for a reply (10 days for subsequent amendments if any);
  • Some applications are advertised in the Western Mail, and Site Notices may be displayed at or near the site.

Any member of the public can comment on an application. This must be in writing, and letters/emails received are open to public inspection. We will tell you of the Council's decision within 10 working days if you have written to us with comments.