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Building Notice

This system is best suited to small projects carried out by a competent builder and is not recommended unless your builder and designer are very experienced in the type of project that you are undertaking and are fully aware of the requirements of the Building Regulations.

Under this scheme no formal Approval of plans is issued and work is approved on site as it progresses.

To use the Building Notice process you or your agent will need to submit a Building Notice application form together with a site location plan and the required fee. Work can commence 48 hours after the notice has been accepted.

When work commences one of our surveyors will meet with your builder to discuss your intentions, to agree how the work should be carried out, agree when the work will need to be inspected and to establish whether any further information will be required e.g. structural calculations or drawings.

When the project is satisfactorily completed a Building Regulations Completion

Certificate will be issued showing that the project has been independently inspected and that, as far as could be assessed, it complied with the Building Regulations.

The forms for making a Building Regulations application can be obtained by telephoning or calling into our offices, or can be downloaded from our website