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Tree Planting

We appreciate that the issue of climate change is very much top of the agenda for a lot of people and we are working hard to strike the right balance between tree work, which has to be carried out, for health and safety reasons and tree planting to counterbalance the effect.

Additional trees are to be planted throughout the borough annually, for the benefit of all and as part of our climate change initiative to enhance and increase tree stocks as assets for carbon sequestration and sustainable development.

During the course of the last 24 months, the Council secured a grant from Welsh Government to plant over 350 trees in parks, cemeteries and open spaces in order to alleviate some of the tree felling which has to take place across the county borough and to improve living conditions in our urban landscape.

In addition to this funding, our Parks Department have an annual tree planting programme in order to ensure that any tree felled due to age or condition is replaced over time.

On our countryside sites and hillsides, we are encouraging natural regeneration of trees which offers many benefits such as having the right tree growing in the right place for the right reason; This ensures the following:

  • reduced carbon footprint – through not importing stock which may fail.
  • not using plastic tubes which could then litter our countryside.

Our focus going forward is to improve the urban landscape, looking at how we can carry out more tree planting in our towns and villages, in order to improve living conditions for residents as well as create a better environment for our urban wildlife.

We will be adding to the urban tree planting of open spaces annually, for the positive impact of our communities, residents and wildlife within Rhondda Cynon Taf.

Trees have also been planted across RCT during 2022, as part of the Queens Green Canopy Initiative, throughout the county borough.

Would you like to plant a tree within Rhondda Cynon Taf?

Any individuals or members of the public proposing planting on Council land within RCT, we would require the following:

  • a species list of proposed trees for planting
  • Map identifying the area/location plan

Any planting not undertaken by us, but on our land, will need to be checked for the following:

  • Local provenance tree stock;
  • Native species or non-invasive non-native species;
  • Suitability of species choice to location proposed;
  • Highways for drainage and vision splays etc.;
  • Streetcare for maintenance of area, grass cutting etc.;
  • To ensure it complies with our Biodiversity and Wildflower area management:
  • Within a Tree Preservation Order covered woodland;
  • Within a planning conservation area.

We would only undertake minimal maintenance of the trees planted to include the following:

  • Grass cutting;
  • Stake ties and stake removal when established;
  • Pruning or removal in future if needed.

We would not replace any losses or undertake any other maintenance which would incur the Councils time or costs to resolve.

We reserve the right to fell, remove, or prune any trees planted upon our land, if the need arises, for any purpose.

Small ornamental trees planted are not normally an issue in an urban setting.

If the location for your proposed planting is on Community Council land, you could liaise directly with them and also discuss responsibility for ongoing maintenance too.

Should you wish to plant a tree please contact the Council


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