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Period Dignity in Schools

Period products are available for learners in all schools (except infant schools due to the learner’s age). We believe that period products should be available free of charge, in easily accessible places (i.e. within toilet cubicles) so that they can be accessed without worry or the need to ask a member of staff.

There is a wide range of products on offer for pupils including reusable period products and we undertake regular pupil voice to ensure products purchased match the needs of our learners. The vast majority of products that we purchase are plastic-free or reusable to ensure that they are environmentally friendly.

We encourage all schools to make sure learners know where products are available. If you require any further information on where the products are located, or there are any concerns over stock levels, please speak with your school.

RCT works closely with Welsh Government on the Period Dignity Strategic Action Plan which involves funding from Welsh Government for period products in all schools.

If you are an adult/school-leaver in need of products, we also support Period Dignity in the Community with more information on this scheme available.

If you are a community group who support members of the public with financial or emotional barriers and have the capacity to support and store period products for distribution, then please also follow the link above to get in touch.